Poynter Educators

These materials relate to the Poynter Institute workshops I assisted with to help college educators incorporate multimedia into their courses. These materials will be useful to anyone who attended the sessions. If you’d like more information on Poynter’s training opportunities, check their site frequently.

Link to the Delicious bookmarks I set up for our Poynter sessions

Presentation: Rubrics for grading multimedia work (PowerPoint download including media files)

Presentation: My favorite tech for teaching (PowerPoint download including media files)

Presentation: Burning questions and levels of change in journalism schools (PowerPoint download)

Download Excel file of multimedia grading rubrics, so you can adjust them for your own use

Video tutorials, including four on doing screen captures of your own

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You’re welcome to syllabi, exercises, notes or anything of interest in any of my courses (warning: not all are updated in a given semester, depending on what I’m teaching):