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Welcome, Poynter Educators

I’m delighted to be back in Florida, helping teach “A New Curriculum for a New Journalism.” It’s proving to be a lively conversation already. I’m always fascinated by the common problems across journalism programs so diverse, from huge schools to[...]

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The ethics of My Wisconsin

One ethics theory I find most compelling is called the “Veil of Ignorance.” To arrive at a morally justifiable outcome, identify those affected by your choice. Make your decision knowing you would be put into one of those affected groups[...]

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A Prayer for Wisconsin

I will go to sleep tonight, but I will not rest. It will be my eighth fitful night. My state stands at a precipice, and I fear the abyss. Our governor is pushing a radical agenda he calls modest. Our[...]

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What happens when we lose state government reporting?

The upending of the traditional business model of journalism has brought many questions and concerns, but among them, this is one of my biggest fears: are we losing courageous reporting on state government. I spent my reporting infancy in the[...]

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J676 Guest Lecture with Jacob Kushner

If you would like to join me in a Cover It Live session to live-blog Jacob’s virtual visit to class, please feel free. WordPress just updated their back-end, so I can now embed the live-blog right here. J676 with Jacob[...]

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J676 Guest Lecture with Melissa Tully

If you would like to see CoverIt Live in action and think about the elements we discussed last week, you can follow here.[...]

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AP and Fairey make nice

News of a settlement today between the Associated Press and Shepard Fairey in a lawsuit involving the Obama “HOPE” image. The statement seems admirably collaborative. It will be interesting to see whether this leads to more open exchanges between artists[...]

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