The ethics of My Wisconsin

The ethics of My Wisconsin

By In Uncategorized On March 10, 2011

One ethics theory I find most compelling is called the “Veil of Ignorance.” To arrive at a morally justifiable outcome, identify those affected by your choice. Make your decision knowing you would be put into one of those affected groups after your choice, but because of the veil you wouldn’t know which one until after you’re put there. This should lead you to morally justifiable actions because you identify with all sides affected.
The Republicans have just proven themselves incapable of that moral reasoning (here’s one reason why, by the way,
To my centrist friends: now is the time to claim your voice. We are deliberative and our state is being radicalized before our eyes.
To my right-leaning friends: please consider the veil and whether you would support this radical action had it been done by Democrats to drive Republicans from power.
To my left-leaning friends: put yourselves behind the veil before you endorse a general strike. I’m not saying it’s not justifiable. I’m saying you must consider all consequences on all people before deciding it’s right.

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